Apartments in Montenegro — how to buy

Everything related to the registration of ownership and sale of an apartment in Montenegro is carried out only in a local court in the presence of a lawyer. The contract of sale is also registered by the court.

So, what to do to successfully purchase an apartment. First, of course, look at her personally, and not only in the office of a realtor. It is even better to see a few options, or even live for a while in the city.

Find a verified notary, after you have selected the desired object, let him check all the documentation. As a foreigner who does not understand local legislation, it will be problematic for you yourself. Now you can buying an apartment in Montenegro at an excellent price .

It will be necessary to draw up a preliminary contract for the sale of real estate and pay a deposit of 10 percent of the declared value. And about the receipt from the seller do not forget. After it is already possible to draw up the final contract and receive documents of ownership and an extract from the state register. In order to finally close the financial relationship with the seller, you will have 30 days. If you do not do this, then the seller of the apartment has the full right to cancel the transaction, while the security deposit remains with him.

After the full cost has been entered and secured with a receipt of receipt, the seller is obliged to submit an application for a change in the cadastral register. Now it remains only to pay the tax and everything — you are the owner of an apartment in Montenegro.

The most beautiful Montenegro attracts with its nature, flora and faynoy, excellent ecology. In general, this is one of the countries that live only at the expense of tourism — there are no harmful industries here — not to consider wine as such, which, in fact, make wine still traditional ways. The country of Montenegro is clean air, more than 70 kilometers of the beach line, the season lasts from 4 to 6 months, the stunning canyon of the Tara River and Lake Skadar, widely known to all lovers to walk in national parks and reserves that preserve the pristine nature and beauty.